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Buma Foundation Volunteer meeting at Tiko on the 30th of October 2023

How excited to have our crew back for our Biochar project at the Buma Foundation yesterday we had the opportunity to meet and talk about a way forward. To join the Buma Foundation volunteers project send an email to #BUMAGroup #bumagroupcameroon #bumafoundation #biochar #tiko


Biochar & climate change

Unlike conventional forms of organic matter (such as garden compost) biochar takes a long time to decompose (centuries or even millennia) and thus has great potential to store carbon in the soil. There are likely to be additional benefits to improving the structure (aeration) of poorly drained, dense soils that can otherwise emit significant quantities […]


Effectiveness as a soil improver

The extent to which biochar can contribute to aeration depends on porosity and particle size. Larger particles (1mm or larger) generally being better for aeration than smaller ‘dusty’ materials. The impact of any biochar on the soil-plant system will also be affected by:


Using nutrient-enriched and biologically-enriched biochar (and composts containing enriched biochar

‘Nutrient-enriched’ or ‘biologically-enriched’ biochars have added nutrients (organic or otherwise) or additional microbes. These products excel in preventing temporary deficits in nitrogen, which are occasionally reported for ‘non-enriched’ or ‘straight’ biochars (usually when soil N is already low). Additional mycorrhizal fungi also improve plant access to soil phosphorus. Note: the climate benefits of enriched products […]


Aspects to consider if using biochar

Using ‘straight’ biochar (and composts containing biochar ‘Straight’ biochars (non-enriched) are most suited for aeration (commonly called “drainage”) of soils which are at risk of periodic flooding or soils which are too dense or anaerobic (e.g. poorly structured/compacted clays). It can be applied at any time of the year, dug into the soil surface, or mixed with soil ‘backfill’ […]


Biochar as a soil additive

The application of biochar to soil is known to have various effects; Positive effects reported include improving plant health through neutralising acidity, providing improved water and nutrient retention (especially in sandy soils) and improved drainage and aeration. Each fragment can also provide a habitat for beneficial soil microbes.  Negative effects are primarily due to the use of biochars […]