what We Are


Creating employment opportunities through different vocational skills.

The Buma Foundation Training Center – Half mile, Limbe

We organize vocational trainings for orphans and the underprivileged. Culturally, many of these girls are likely to be married at a rather young age. These vocational skills like computer, sewing, cutting &tailoring, beauty treatments and basic IT skills allow these girls to pursue financial independence and help in their skill development. For this we are constantly trying to setup Vocational centers with skilled trainer that can understand their needs and give training as per their adaptability. Aim of this project is to impart education and skill development in children, youth and women so that they can live a life of dignity and respect.

We currently have the tailoring and hair dressing workshops and the computer training center

The Computer Training Center

We train even those with zero background in computer.

We run trainings in

  • Computer Basics and file management system
  • Internet and online file management and communication
  • Microsoft office suite i.e word, excel, PowerPoint, publisher etc
  • Google online applications suite i.e Google docs, Google sheets Google forms etc
  • Corporate Graphic Designing i.e creating logos, banners, invoices and other business files
  • Digital Marketing Training i.e social media marketing, website design and graphic design.
At Buma Foundation we think or believe that;
  • Financial independence is crucial for breaking cycle of poverty.
  • Most of these skills are neither seasonal nor topical.
  • The Skills offers significant improvement in chances of employment.
  • The skills would make them earn a dependable livelihood for their family needs


The Balikumbat School Project

Buma Foundation has as a mightiest project to establish an orphan's nursery and primary school in the Balikumbat subdivision

On 21 December 2020, the local administration granted a full authorization which was evidence by a written letter handed to the president of the Buma Foundation.

In the 2022, Buma Foundation started the nursery and primary school in Balikumbat to provide free education for children from the poorest of poor families with no access to safe, high quality early childhood education. The school targets orphans and underprivileged children from all backgrounds by investing in their early childhood education as the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty. It will lay the foundation for success in school, career and life.

It is evident that without access to high quality early learning these children are more likely to have poor academic performance, repeat grades, drop out of school and remain in the cycle of poverty. The project supports community to provide free quality education targeting most vulnerable children whose parents cannot support their education. This will create a safe learning environment and quality interaction that greatly influence exposure and mental development of children in their young age. The project provides the children from the poorest households with the necessary social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will continue to develop throughout their life. High-quality early childhood education programs will not only prepare children for nursery and primary school but also empower parents to influence their children's academic success.